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First Time as an Evangelist

Do I have a great story for you today..I wrote this back in June of 2022.

Two days ago at the gym I had the holy spirit tell me to go and speak to someone. So I approached him and told him that, im here to talk to you to let you know that you do not have to do this on your own. Jesus is here for you and He loves you. The guy looked at me with co fused eyes and said thank you..  I told him have a great workout and God bless.

Now yesterday when I went to the gym. I noticed the same guy. He say me and I just kept doing my workout. He came up to me and said.  Nick is it.. I said yes.. im the guy you talked to yesterday. I said I remember.. he then told me thanks again for talking with me, I dont know what or what happened but yesterday I felt the best I ever did in months .. I told him thats the love of Jesus.. he said thanks again.. I told him have a great work out..

As time went on I had the holy spirit talk to me again and it was go for coffee with him.. I said to myself no I bugged him enough he needs time.. that message go have coffee with him would not leave me. So I went up to him and said he brother I have it in my heart to go have coffee. If your not busy how does 130 this afternoon  sound.. he said perfect that would be great.

So I met him at 130 and codiac coffee he kept telling me thanks for talking with him and wanted to know more. We talked and he opened up to me he has had a rough time with alcohol and stopped 3 months ago.. at the same time a older woman yelled her grandson spilled some coffee and fell on her lap so I got up and got some napkins to help the woman, when I cam back the guy said wow you are the only person that got up to help her.. I told him since I became Christian and follow Jesus my heart for others changed and this is the new me. The older woman came over and said thanks and gave us some chocolate covered coffee beans.

Jesus did so many things in 2 days I feel him with me now. Praise God.

This is one of my first evangelist experience, being obedient when the spirit prompts you. Thank you Jesus for using me.

Have a great day and when you feel you need to talk with someone just do it no matter to outcome..

Your brother in Christ Jesus


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Nancy Synette
Nancy Synette
May 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I love watching you step into your calling 💜

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