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God is a Provider

My last blog was talking about me losing my job and thats not the good news but when God does His work in you, doors open.

My wife saw an add on Facebook about a job fair and we have talked about it and I wasn't sure to go. I mentioned it to a friend that wasn't working either. We both made an agreement to go together. When that day came I got a text that morning from my friend saying he isn't going, he got a text from friend that needed help. I was a little upset because I didn't want to go to this by myself, I ended up going anyway. So on my drive to the event I put some worship music on in the car and was talking with God about helping me get out of this frustration and anxiety that was starting to form. I reach the event place and noticed no parking was available except a lot that you would have to pay 10 dollars to park. No I'm not paying for parking so I kept going I told God that im going home. Then a whisper came to mind what will you tell your wife? Not sure why I heard that but I knew I had to over come this. I saw a spot to turn around and I said "God if this is for me, make a free parking spot available for me". I was driving closer and what do I see a 2 hr parking spot right next to the event. Ok God I see it. I parked the car in that spot. I did a prayer in the car and said Jesus guide me, what you want me to do what is your will for me. What job are you going to place me at. I was then approaching the doors for the event. The closer I got the more I saw how many people are also here for the same reason. This felt overwhelming knowing that I now have to wait longer than I wanted just to talk to a company that might not even want to work for. Soon as I walked in, I took a deep breath, looked around and what happens next is God at work. A woman came to me and asked " Are you mechanically inclined?" I said "yes I used to be a mechanic". She said "follow me I have someone for you to talk with." I ended up talking to a gentleman for about 20 minutes and he also told me that dont say yes to anyone here until I do an interview with them, which I agreed. That gentleman also told me that the hours of work is days only and will have nights and weekends off. Been 20 years since i had a job like that. This is when I felt this is all God's doing and not of my own. Praise God.

When I was done talking with them I texted my wife what just happened. I bypassed everyone that was there and they came to me. No one but God could of done anything like this. So I just left without talking to any other company in the job fair event.

A week went by and I heard nothing, then doubt started to fill my mind. My wife said give them a call to let them know your still interested. So I did they said they were still doing some job fairs at other cities but will get a hold of me next week. After that I felt better I prayed to Jesus saying if you really want me here I know you will make it happen. I trust you will make a way. I will rest and wait in your peace. Thank you Jesus.

The following week I got a call from this company asking me questions about my background and my past jobs and knowledge of being a mechanic. Then they said they want a meeting with me in two days which would be Wednesday. I said yes, when I hung up I said thank you Jesus. I see you working.

I went to the interview and was there for 1 hr just talking like of we knew each other for years. I felt comfortable and was not nervous. This was different than any other interview I even been at. One reason is that I'm born again so I'm different as well. Thank you Jesus.

I told my wife if I don't hear back by Friday which is two days after I won't have that job. Just like if i was giving God a time limited. Friday came and I heard nothing back. Around 5pm I checked my emails just because I felt that I needed to. Yes there was an email from them saying we have good news for you and we want you to be a shop technician for us. I was over joyed with happiness and praise Jesus right away. My wife shouted thank you Jesus.

This is an example of God working for our good. He took a bad situation and gave me something better. One door closed and Jesus opens another. We need to be patient and trust in Him fully. This is still from this day sometging that blows my mind, knowing that I did the steps but God did all the work and made this happen. Thank you Jesus. All because He loves us. Hallelujah

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Praise God! His blessings really work in mysterious ways ;)


God is so good!! I am still in awe on how He provided for us!! Praise God!

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